Band Overview and Press
Ibrahima Camara and Safal
Original compositions, by Ibrahima Camara  (Lead vocals, sabar, djembe, tama) of Senegalese pop music with traditional West African roots, spiced with the sounds of Reggae, Latin and Soukous.
Winner of the 1993 Boston Music Award in the Ethnic/International category.
Safal’s members include:
Ibrahima Camara - Lead Vocals and Drum
Kine Camara - Dancer
Carl Holm - Persussion
Chris Icasiano - Trap Drum Set
Don Keller - Rhythm Guitar
Ben Krulewitch- Keyboard
Daniel Miller - Solo Guitar/Vocals
Birch Pereira - Bass
Ibrahima Camara Bio
Ibrahima Camara's roots originate with the Serere and Malinke ethnic groups and was born and raised in Dakar, Senegal. Mr. Camara entered into traditional apprenticeship study at a very early age and after completing his apprenticeship he began his career as a performer with the National Ballet of Senegal and Les Ballets Africain de Djabel Gueye. In 1968 he achieved the position of Lead Drummer and Musical Director for Senegal's foremost performance company, The National Ballet. By this time he had attained distinction of Master Drummer. Since 1974, Mr. Camara has resided in the United States where he continues his work as performer, choreographer, artistic director, bandleader and teacher.
“African rhythm... the fuel that drives Ibrahima Camara's band, formerly known as Ibrahima's World Beat. His sound has it's origins in the polyrhythmic djimbe and sabar music of Senegal. Ibrahima's group musters the visceral thrill of a big African band, with adrenaline percussions and colorful, flailing dance moves. His tunes anchor dizzying Senegalese cross-rhythms in hard funk and one-drop reggae...
He developed his sound in the classic African pop mode, by starting with tradition. Ibrahima sees drumming as the essence of his music, and of world beat generally. For him, African rhythms overshadow the borrowings of Arabic tonality, Cuban stylings and American and French technology. Describing the parts that typically make up his complex grooves, he says, "They are drum parts. Each part of the rhythm is a melody on guitar, keyboard, bass and horns." His songs string divergent ideas together into organic perccursions that evolove continually and never look back......His show is a well-honed labor of love, and plainly amied to make dancing feet happy.”
        Banning Eyre
"You put that beat in there to make sure people can really hear the music", Senegalese drummer Ibrahima Camara explains. "So they can really understand it and dance to it."
"Every music you've had, we've had it in Africa," he explained. "James Brown, all the rest.
American music has been a big influence..."
"America sent a message to us, and we listened...for many years. Now we're  sending a message back. You give, we give. That's what music is about."
        Lane Lambert
Booking: 206-417-4818
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