Djembe Safara
Previously known as "KOUMPO", "Djembe Safara" is an ensemble of some of the most talented drummers and dancers of West African origin, combining more than 100 years of experience at the top level of the Senegalese and Guinean National Ballets. Its present world class cast includes:
Master Drummer Ibrahima Camara - Founder, Artistic Director and Lead Drummer:
Fode  Oulare N'dour - formerly of Guinea West Africa's Joliba National Ballet;
Mamadou N'diaye - formerly Lead Drummer of the Ballet Sira Badara National of Senegal;
Souleymane Sagna - Djun djun drummer and dancer from the southern region of Senegal, Casamance;
Jamey Smythe - drummer:
Akila Stanley - principal dancer;
Noel Staples - principal dancer;
Vida Everett - dancer;
Twyla Everett - dancer;
Kine Camara - dancer.
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